Payne Law, PLLC is a local law firm dedicated to quality service at an affordable price. We take multiple forms of payment and are glad to offer payment plans for many types of cases.

Payne Law, PLLC, was founded in October 2011 by Mr. Payne to provide affordable legal services to the community. Mrs. Byrd joined the firm in January 2014. In August 2014, Mr. V. Tate Davis and Mr. Stephen Hegedus joined the firm, and Payne Law, PLLC announced the opening of two new locations in Boone and Mount Holly. Together, Payne Law, PLLC is focused on providing detail oriented, yet cost-effective legal services primarily in and around the western half of North Carolina. We are absolutely willing to serve clients in the surrounding counties, and have represented clients from Alamance to Watauga, to Caldwell and down to Mecklenburg counties.

Our firm will work with clients to meet their legal needs, including payment plans, coming to meet them at a time and place convenient to them, and working until the product meets client expectations before closing the file. We come from hard working backgrounds and will work our hardest to help you get a satisfactory resolution in your case at a price you can afford.

Mr. Payne is focused on Family Law, Estate Planning/Probate, as well as Traffic/Infractions and Small Business/Non-Profits. Mrs. Byrd is focused on Real Estate, Small Business/Non-Profits, and Personal/Property Injury.  Mr. Davis’s primary areas of practice include Elder Law, Disability Law, and Veteran’s Law.  Mr. Hegedus is focused on Family Law and Misdemeanor Criminal Defense. Our attorneys handle other claims as well!

At Payne Law, we will pledge to you prompt and courteous service, whether we are able to accept your case or not. Contact us today!